| Jamie Rubin

But Square Cut Or Pear Shaped...

Diamonds are usually worn cut and polished, but we believe that sometimes it’s fun to do things a bit differently. Rough diamonds are uncut, unprocessed and just as beautiful and they give a piece of jewellery an unexpected twist with their natural look.
The classic diamond is always thought of as elegant and romantic, but that’s not all a diamond can be. Rough diamonds are the perfect way to incorporate elegance and sophistication to your style while maintaining that subtle edge we all want from time to time.
The diamond stands for eternity and it is also said to create positive energy within its wearer and enhance their quality of life. Birthstones are associated with certain characteristics and are thought to capture the essence of the people it is relevant to. For example, women born in April are believed to be genuine, passionate and determined which makes the diamond the perfect symbol of that particular month.
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Shopping for diamonds can be fabulous but equally complicated as there are many things to consider. There are different colours, shapes and sizes and in addition to that, the origin of each diamond may not be quite as beautiful as the jewel itself. We at Jamie London are always concerend about the ethics behind every product, which is why we feel it’s important to do your research before buying. Canadian diamonds are some of the most conflict-free diamonds in the world, which makes them a great option if you are looking into ethical sourcing.
If you are someone with an undying love for diamonds but the price point makes you cringe, there are alternatives which can be just as precious. We at Jamie London are all fans of birthstones and Zirconia, which are fantastic way sto add some originality and sparkle to your outfits while being more affordable as well! Our selection doesn’t include diamonds yet but we promise you’ll find a favourite from the many beautiful options we offer.
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