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At Jamie London we love to see personalised jewellery be dispatched from our Studio to our customers. We know that every photo locket necklace, hand stamped bracelet, piece of birthstone jewellery, initial necklace or whatever piece of custom jewellery you have purchased from Jamie London for that special person in your life with be cherished because of the love and thought that you have put into making their present special to them.

We have set up our products with the most common personalisation that we are asked to create but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and talk through a bespoke order for you.

Jamie London is able to personalise our jewellery in the following ways:


Choose from our collection of semi-precious birthstones to represent the birth month of the recipient of the gift, your family or your loved one. Birthstone jewellery is a gorgeous and sentimental birthday gift as each month has it's own birthstone with attributes associated to it. Check out our [['What are birthstone']] page for more information on which birthstones connect to each month and the associated qualities. 

NB Each birthstone is unique so size and shape may vary from what is pictured on our site.

Hand stamping

We are able to handstamp names, initials, dates, ages and words onto our jewellery. Hand stamping is an art form that we have mastered at Jamie London and we love to hear the banging from our studio of letters and numbers personalising customers’ orders.


We have a large range of gorgeous charms sourced from all around the world to choose from. Just a handful of our collection include hearts, stars, skulls, flowers, hamsa hands as well as gorgeous animals such as giraffes, elephants and turtles. The come in a variety of shapes and sizes, finishes and metals as well as shiny, matt, pave…the list goes on.


Personalised your heart locket necklace with 1 or 2 photos. Send us photos of your choice and we will resize them to fit into the shape of the locket, print them and insert them into the locket pendant. This is a fiddly business and we are now expert and it so let us do the hard work!


Who doesn’t love and need some reassuring words of wisdom to get them through life! We surely do so we have recently started to explore the world of mantras and our customers love them. This is a great way of showing encouragement to a friend at their time of need or the quality associated with time birth stone. Whatever the reason, it’s a unique and on trend way to personalise jewellery.

Colour and Finish

As we’ve mentioned, we source from all over the world and are delighted to be able to offer most of our range in at least 3 colours of metal; silver, gold and rose gold. We also have some items available in antique silver or antique gold. We go one step further to be able to offer these in different finishes too: shiny, matt and hammered are our most popular.

The majority of our range is plated in sterling silver, 18ct gold and 18ct rose gold.

We are excited to have also recently add sterling silver, gold and rose gold vermeil to our range too.


We have worked to create and offer customers a great range of stacking bracelets in line with current trends. Choose to layer bangles along friendship bracelets or mantra bangles to show your real identity.

Swarovski Crystals

All the crystals that Jamie London sources are genuine Swarovski Crystals. We love these tiny sparkly beads and carefully wind them so allow for them to be added to bangles, bracelets and necklaces. We have a large selection of colours so choose one that matches an outfit or just because it’s your favourite colour. We often have customers ask up to match a Swarovski Crystal to a birthstone colour. These little gems look great clustered together so have fun playing with colour combinations.