Personalised Message Bracelet


Send out a beautiful message with our stunning personalised bracelet. Buy this for yourself or give it to someone dear to you as a sentimental present that will be cherished.

This custom bracelet features a silver or gold bangle with an inspirational word on it. Choose from "sisters", "fearless", "empower" and "be brave" and customise it even more by adding a birthstone on the bracelet. You can also add a disc or heart charm onto which we can hand stamp an initial or symbol of your choosing.

This personalised piece will make the perfect gift for a friend or a family member and it is guaranteed to brighten up their day. You can also get matching ones for yourself and someone you love and have a beautiful keepsake to remind you of each other.

These personalised bracelets are a great accessory for anyone regardless of their style which is why it's a great gift idea too. The sentimental message combined with its fashionable look allows anyone who receives it to style them any way they want and have a sprinkle of positive energy in their life. You can wear this bracelet with multiple other bangles for a cuff-like effect with something casual or on its own as a sophisticated but cute accent to a classic or formal ensemble.

Available in silver or gold

Made from:

This bracelet and the charms are sterling silver or gold plated
Birthstones are genuine semi precious stones

The birthstone colours for each month are as follows; January - Garnet, February -Amethyst, March - aquamarine, April - rock crystal, May - Chrysoprase, June - Pearl, July - Carnelian, August - Peridot, September - Lapis, October - Pink Opal, November - Citrine, December - Turquoise.


Internal measurement: 6cm
Charms: 1cm
Birthstones: 5mm